Prevent and Reduce Unsafe Conditions at Construction Site

Published: 15th June 2009
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When you hear about construction sites, what picture comes to your mind - chaotic and dangerous? Quite right! Being a deadline-oriented environment, construction sites work in a fast process. Injuries and accidents are common here due to the highly risky procedures. Working in or even around a construction site can be dangerous. The location need not be a building site; it can be any construction related area. What matters is you being aware of the hazards lurking around at such sites and how much dangerous they can possibly be for you as a worker.

Thousands of people are killed at the construction sites every year. Construction industry has reported largest number of fatalities as compared to any other industry sectors. The main trouble is not that risks and hazards are unknown but the trouble is that it is difficult to control risks and hazards in the constantly changing environment in the world place today.

The safety hazards at the construction site will fall from the motor vehicle crashes, height, machines, electrocution, being struck with the falling objects and equipments. Due to the nature of the work, the workers at the construction site face higher risks of injury and accidents as compared to almost any other normal industry.

Preventing accident

Two main approaches for preventing or reducing the accidents are - reducing the unsafe actions and elimination of unsafe conditions.

Reducing the unsafe actions

Every worker needs to make conscious efforts for working safely despite of the hazardous conditions possibly existing at the construction site. Therefore, safety training and awareness is very much important. Being aware of the task performed the environment where it is performed, the way it will be performed and the equipment usage will allow one to identify the potential hazards that can possibly cause allowing you to act in unsafe manner.

Elimination of unsafe conditions

People need to be aware of the conditions, which can contribute to accidents and work for removal of the exposure to such conditions. For instance, enclosure of live electrical circuits or offering the worker with good protective equipments should be eliminated. Moreover, it is also difficult to anticipate or even predict where the conditions can occur.

To eliminate unsafe actions and conditions in and around construction sites, many advanced traffic, propping equipments and propping accessories are available. These high quality propping and traffic equipments will ensure worker's safety. Using good quality bridge supports, roof supports, and wall supporting applications will prove helpful. The employer can also choose from various props to best suit the purpose. Propping equipments like acrow props, multi props, tilt props and titan props to name a few offers safety and support for most construction sites. Taking proper measures for reducing unsafe actions and eliminating unsafe conditions should ensure worker's safety.

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