Banner Advertisement Disadvantages of Free Banner Exchange

Published: 07th February 2011
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In order to effectively promote your website, you need to use good promotion methods on your website. Banner advertising is one way of promoting an online business. Banner advertisements contain graphic and other informative elements. Looking at the images on a banner can give a better picture of the company. Perhaps this is why banner advertisements get more clicks than they used to in the past.

There are many sites that provide banner advertising services. All you have to do here is pay them monthly and ask them to put your banner on their site. This may help you get visitors from their website to your own site. This would also increase your sales. Getting profits will be a great deal faster than waiting for search engine optimization techniques to work. If you do not want to go for paid banner advertisement services, you can always opt for the free ones. Only remember that it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Free banner exchange is basically a free service which allows you to exchange banners with some other website. Here, both the sites are supposed to agree to put the others' banner on their site. Your banner will be placed on their site and theirs on yours. Since it is free, it does have its disadvantages.

The very first disadvantage is that there are not many sites to exchange banners with. You cannot exchange your banner with many sites because then you will end up with a lot of banners on your own. And, the more banners you have, the more time your website will take to load. Your visitors do not like waiting patiently for loading of websites and they might just exit. If you are running an affiliate website, then banner advertising may not work for you. People will click on the merchant's banner that contains their website's link and not yours.

Some sites employ the use of black hat techniques for their site's search engine optimization. These sites also place many banner advertisements on their site. These sites do not have any content and are likely to be banned by Google. If you exchange banners with them, you will gather bad reputation for your own site. Therefore, carry on an extensive research on the site you are planning to exchange links with. Make sure that the site is reliable and safe.

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